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If you don't mind me critiquing then....I think this is amazingly done! the anatomy is good and I love how you made the leg look deformed but not mess up the picture! I also like how you make them seem almost realistic but she still has bangs. thing i think is a little bit off is there wouldn't be cuts on her leg if she only git run over right? there would be scrapes.. but also that that if you think about the size of a cat and the size of a car... don't you think that the road would be A LOT bigger? :P like...a tire is about the size of a cat so you know...Anyways~ Great pic! keep up the good work!
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Doctor-Enderman Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Well There Would Be Cuts On Her From The Impact The Bumper Probably Hit Her On Impact :| But I Know You're Just Trying To Help her Improve Bur It's A Good Critique After all ^^
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